European Commission Adopts Green Infrastructure Strategy

European Union 6 May 2013: The European Commission adopted a green infrastructure strategy designed to: promote green infrastructure in the main policy areas; improve research and data, strengthen the knowledge base and promote innovative technologies; improve access to finance for green infrastructure projects; and support EU-level green infrastructure projects.

The strategy will encourage use of green infrastructure to provide solutions, for instance by using wetlands to absorb excess rain and prevent flooding. It covers the following policy areas: agriculture; forestry; nature; water; marine and fisheries; regional and cohesion policy; climate change mitigation and adaptation; transport; energy; disaster prevention; and land use policies.

Among elements of the strategy, the Commission will institute guidance later in 2013 on how to integrate the use of green infrastructure into the main policy areas and set up a financing facility under the European Investment Bank (EIB) by 2014 to support green infrastructure. The Commission will also study and assess the possible development of an EU-wide network of green infrastructure.

In 2017, the European Commission will publish a report on lessons learned and recommendations for further action. [EU Press Release] [Publication: Green Infrastructure (GI) — Enhancing Europe's Natural Capital]