European and African Leaders Discuss Copenhagen Agenda

14 October 2009: In the framework of the Africa-European Union (EU) dialogue, African and EU leaders addressed the “climate change agenda” during the 13th Ministerial Meeting of African and EU Troikas, which convened in Addis Ababa on 14 October 2009.

Ministers agreed on the urgency in addressing African priorities in Copenhagen, such as adaptation, mitigation, technology development and transfer, financing, capacity building, and addressing deforestation as well as land degradation and coastal area erosion. On adaptation, they recognized the need for long-term coordinated actions based on solidarity, as well as on common but differentiated responsibility for mobilizing support. They further underscored the importance of “fast-start pre-2013” financing for capacity building and integration of climate change in national development planning. Ministers also noted that implementation of adaptation should be flexible, participatory and integrated in development cooperation. They emphasized the need to initiate cooperation to promote wider use of the Clean Development Mechanism in Africa. Finally, ministers stressed the need to enhance women and youth's participation in climate change activities and decision-making. [Meeting communiqué]