EU Parliament Supports Biofuel Targets, Recommends Higher Share for Alternative Biofuels and Calls for Tighter Sustainability Criteria

EU Parliament Supports Biofuel Targets 11 September 2008: The EU Parliament's Industry Committee decided to support the EU Commission's target to achieve a 10% share of biofuels used in road transport by 2020, while insisting that 40% of that renewable energy must come from alternative sources not competing with food production, such as electricity and hydrogen produced from renewable sources as well as “second generation” biofuels made from waste, lingo-cellulosic biomass or algae.

Regarding an interim target providing for 5% biofuels by 2015, the Committee recommended a share of 1% from alternative fuels. It also decided to review the 2020 target in 2014. In related decisions, the Committee also decided to: increase transport energy efficiency by at least 20% compared to 2005; tighten the criteria for sustainable biofuels, including increasing the minimum of greenhouse gas emissions savings from 35% to 45%; and require member States to develop transmission and distribution infrastructure and electricity systems that can be operated safely while accommodating renewable energies. [EP Press Release]