EU-Pakistan Summit Agrees Five-Year Cooperation Plan

4 June 2010: The second EU-Pakistan Summit, which took place on 4 June 2010, in Brussels, Belgium, agreed to set in motion a five-year cooperation plan, with objectives and joint actions to be defined at future regular meetings, including on climate change and energy.

According to the resulting Joint Statement, the EU and Pakistan agreed to initiate dialogue on climate change in the context of the UNFCCC negotiations, including on building Pakistan's capacity to address the effects of climate change. Both sides further recognized the need to work towards achieving safe, secure, affordable and sustainable energy supplies, and to cooperate closely in the areas of: energy efficiency and energy conservation; the development of affordable clean energy technologies; identification of new, renewable, conventional and non-conventional energy sources; and technology and expertise. The next meeting on the cooperation plan will take place on 14-15 October 2010, at the same venue. [EU Press Release] [Joint Statement]