EU Ministers Discuss Energy 2020

28 February 2011: The Council of EU Ministers for transport, telecommunications and energy met in Brussels, Belgium, on 28 February 2011, to discuss "Energy 2020: A Strategy for competitive, sustainable and secure energy."

Ministers noted that the Energy 2020 Strategy should contribute to promoting a more energy- and resource-efficient, sustainable, low-carbon, secure, interconnected and competitive Europe, to the benefit of all consumers, including households and businesses. They underlined that the Strategy should be consistent with overriding EU priorities such as the fight against climate change, the protection of the environment, security of supply and competitiveness.

Ministers defined short-, medium- and long-term priorities for the Strategy, including on energy efficiency, and research and innovation in low-carbon energy technology. With regard to the EU's external energy policy, they emphasized strategic partnerships and comprehensive cooperation with key suppliers, transit and consumer countries and regions covering energy security, and safe and sustainable low-carbon technologies. The Ministers underscored that such partnerships should aim to: promote energy efficiency and energy from renewable sources; facilitate regulatory convergence of neighboring countries' legislation towards EU standards, maintain and promote the highest nuclear safety standards and underpin the EU ambitions in international processes, such as climate negotiations. [Council Conclusions]