EU Environment Ministers Adopt Conclusions on a Comprehensive Post-2012 Climate Agreement

Czech Presidency

3 March 2009: The first Environment Council of the EU under the Czech Presidency took place on 2 March 2009, in Brussels, Belgium. The Council adopted conclusions further developing the EU position on a comprehensive post-2012 climate change agreement, which is due to be concluded at the UN climate change conference in December in Copenhagen. 

On mitigation, the Council: emphasizes the EU's determination to take swift action against climate change, as illustrated by its commitment to reduce its emissions to 20% below 1990 levels by 2020; calls on developed countries to propose, as soon as possible and not later than mid-2009, reduction commitments for the medium-term; calls on other non-Annex I parties that are at levels of development and GDP/capita comparable to those of the group of developed countries to consider making similar commitments commensurate with their responsibilities, capabilities and national circumstances; and calls on developing countries, in particular the most advanced among them, to propose ambitious low-carbon development strategies and plans.

On the carbon market, the Council proposes to build, preferably by no later than 2015, a robust OECD-wide carbon market through the linking of comparable and compatible cap-and-trade systems, to be extended to economically more advanced developing countries by 2020; and proposes to create new sector-specific mechanisms to enable developing countries to strengthen their mitigation contribution, to access carbon markets and to promote sustainable development. The conclusions also contain provisions on adaptation and proposals to finance the Copenhagen agreement. [EU Press Release] [EU Council Conclusions]