EU Environment Ministers Address Water Scarcity, Drought, Forests and Climate Change

11 June 2010: The Environment Council of the EU, which met on 11 June 2010, in Luxembourg, adopted conclusions on water scarcity, drought and adaptation to climate change, as well as on preparing forests for climate change.

On water scarcity, the Council underscored: the inter-linkages of water scarcity and drought with climate change adaptation and biodiversity conservation, and the importance of exchanging experience and best practices with other partners, including in relevant international fora. It supported the development of a European drought observatory.

On forests, the Council called for strengthening cooperation at EU and international level on sustainable forest management and highlighted the need to further mainstream this issue into relevant policies. It stressed: the need for better adaptation of forests to climate change pressures that can jeopardize the multifunctionality of ecosystems, the role forest biodiversity plays when adapting to climate change, and the need to improve knowledge on forest biodiversity. [EU Press Release] [Conclusions on Water Scarcity] [Conclusions on Forests]