EU and Asian Nations Reaffirm Need for Copenhagen Deal at ASEM7

Chair's Statement of the Seventh Asia-Europe Meeting 27 October 2008: The EU and 24 Asian States have signed a

declaration urging agreement on an international framework on climate change at

the Copenhagen negotiations in December 2009. The Beijing Declaration on

Sustainable Development was agreed and signed during the Seventh Asia-Europe

Meeting (ASEM), held from 24-25 October in Beijing, China.

ASEM was launched in

1996 to strengthen “interaction and mutual understanding between the two

regions.” The Beijing Declaration states

that “developed countries should continue to show strong leadership and take

measurable, reportable and verifiable nationally appropriate mitigation

commitments, including quantified emission limitation and reduction objectives,

including through sectoral approach, where appropriate, as a tool to implement

them, and provide financial support and technology transfer to developing

countries.” It further provides that developing countries should take

“nationally appropriate mitigation actions in the context of sustainable

development, supported and enabled by technology, financing and

capacity-building, in a measurable, reportable and verifiable manner, with a

view to achieving a deviation from business as usual emissions.” The

Declaration also contains several paragraphs dealing with the Millennium

Development Goals and with social cohesion. [Beijing Declaration on Sustainable

Development] [Chair's

Statement from the meeting]