EU-ACP Agreement Revised

19 March 2010: The European Commission and the 79 States of the African Caribbean Pacific (ACP) group have concluded the second revision of the Cotonou Partnership Agreement, which sets the framework for their cooperation. The revision aims to adapt the Agreement to today's challenges, such as climate change, food security, regional integration, State fragility and aid effectiveness.

In the revision, for the first time, the EU and the ACP countries recognize the global challenge of climate change as a major subject for their partnership. They commit to raise the profile of climate change in their development cooperation, and to support ACP's mitigation and adaptation efforts. The new agreement will also recognize the role of national parliaments, local authorities, civil society and the private sector in this respect.

During the negotiations, which concluded on 19 March 2010, in Brussels, Belgium, the EU was represented by Andris Piebalgs, Development Commissioner, while Paul Bunduku-Latha, Minister of State for Economy, Trade, Industry and Tourism of Gabon, represented ACP countries. The revised Agreement now needs to be approved by the EU Council, be officially signed by all parties at the EU-ACP Council in June 2010, and be ratified by all parties. [EU Press Release] [ACP Press Release]