ESCAP Joins “Cool UN” Programme

ESCAP Joins 'Cool UN' Programme 1 August 2008: UN Secretary-General wore a casual outfit to kick off the “Cool UN” scheme, which seeks to curb the organization's greenhouse gas emissions, limit the use of air conditioning and save money for the UN. The UN Economic Commission for Asia and Pacific (ESCAP) premises in Bangkok, Thailand, which houses over a dozen of the Organization's entities, also joined the “Cool UN” scheme.

Ban dresses down to 'cool' the UNLike the Secretariat in New York, the temperature in the

Bangkok building was risen and staff came to work in lighter clothing. “Cool

UN” is just one of several schemes ESCAP is involved in to slash energy

consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. Since 2002, it has cut back

electricity consumption by 16 per cent yearly by replacing old and inefficient

appliances such as power transformers, elevators, air conditioners, lights and

pumps. ESCAP also utilizes pilot solar panels and wind turbines, and water

usage has been reduced by 30 per cent every year through new higher-efficiency

water closets and using recycled water for the main gardens. [UN

press release, 1 August 2008]

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