ESCAP Creates Regional Forum to Help Develop Gender and Poverty-Sensitive Energy Policies

Forum launched at meeting on how to bring gender perspective to national energy policies of developing countries 4 November 2008: At the conclusion of the High Level

Regional Policy Meeting on Networking Towards Gender and Poverty Sensitive

Energy Policies, which took place in Bangkok, Thailand, from 3-4 November 2008,

the International Network on Gender and Sustainable Energy (ENERGIA), in

cooperation with the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and

the Pacific (ESCAP), launched the Policy Innovation Forum. The Forum aims to

help provide women and the poor with reliable access to energy.

The creation of

the Forum is based on the recognition that progress in achieving the Millennium

Development Goals will be hindered or even reversed as a result of lack of

energy supply in many rural areas in the region coupled with the food, fuel and

financial crises.

During the high-level meeting, participants discussed, inter

alia: energy options for the livelihood needs for the poor and women;

transportation needs for the poor and women; regulatory options to enhance

energy access; and opportunities and barriers to financing energy options. [ESCAP Press Release]