EEA Reports Decline in EU GHG Emissions

10 September 2010: The European Environment Agency (EEA) has released new estimates, according to which the economic recession has resulted in significant greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions in the EU in 2009.

According to the estimates, EU-27 and EU-15 GHG emissions both decreased by 6.9% in 2009, compared to 2008 levels. Based on these estimates, the EU-27's 2009 emissions are considered approximately 17.3% below the 1990 level. The EU-15's emissions are 12.9% below the base-year level, which exceeds for the first time its Kyoto commitment to an 8% reduction.

The EEA estimates for 2009 do not take into account the effects of carbon sinks and emission reductions achieved through the Kyoto Protocol's flexible mechanisms, but are based on the publicly available verified EU-Emission Trading Scheme (ETS) emissions for 2009 and other national and European sources, available as of mid-July 2010. The verified EU-ETS emissions for 2010 will be published in April 2011, and are expected to provide an early indication of the overall trend for the 2010 emissions. [EEA Press Release]