EEA Releases EU’s 2009 Emissions Trading Data

May 2010: The 2009 data for the EU Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) is now available through the  EU ETS data viewer.

The main source of information on the EU ETS (at EU level) is the Community Independent Transaction Log (CITL), which checks and records all transactions made under the EU ETS, and the data viewer is a tool to help explore the information contained in the CITL. It is aimed at supporting governments, market players and other stakeholders in their assessment of the EU ETS.

The latest version of the data viewer contains complete coverage of the data for 2009: the installations that reported verified emissions for 2009 emitted 99% of emissions recorded in 2008, with Cyprus being the only country where a substantial share of emissions is not yet available. [EU ETS Data Viewer]