EEA Publishes Technical Report on Production and Trade of Fluorinated GHG

EEA11 September 2012: The European Environment Agency (EEA) has released a technical report on 120 companies' production and trade of fluorinated gases (F-gases), which have particularly high global warming potentials (GWPs). The report finds that, in 2011, production of F-gases decreased by 5%, while imports decreased by 6% from 2012.

Titled “Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases 2011: Aggregated Data Reported by Companies on the Production, Import and Export of Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases in the European Union,” the report highlights trends in production, imports, exports and sales of F-gases in 2011. The report is required by the “F-Gas Regulation,” the primary EU regulation to reduce F-gases emissions, which contributed 2% of EU greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) in 2010, in carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e). [EEA Press Release] [Publication: Fluorinated Greenhouse Gases 2011]