EEA Publishes Signals 2010

24 March 2010: The European Environment Agency (EEA) released its annual publication "Signals," which focuses on "Biodiversity, Climate Change and you." This year's issue was drafted in support of the International Year of Biodiversity.

EEA Signals 2010 features six eyewitness stories on: water from the glaciers of the Alps; the permafrost of the Arctic; and the delta of the Ganges. The articles explain how climate change is affecting the ancient water cycle, and illustrate change, impacts and adaptation. Commenting on the publication, EEA Executive Director Jacqueline McGlade stated that "We rely on the richness of life on this planet for our food, shelter and such basic needs as clean air. We are a part of this diversity and cannot live without it. In Signals ordinary people observe how changes to their environment affect not only animal and plant life, but also their livelihood and lifestyle." [Signals 2010][CBD Communiqué]