EEA Finds Car Manufacturers Met 2012 Average Carbon Emissions Targets

EEA30 October 2013: A report published by the European Environment Agency (EEA) indicates that major car manufacturers are aligned with average carbon dioxide (CO2) vehicle emissions targets for 2012 in the EU.

The report, titled 'CO2 emissions performance of car manufacturers in 2012,' highlights that, inter alia: “the average specific emissions of the new European fleet in 2012 is 132.2 g CO2/km,” which is 2.6% lower than it was in 2011; the average mass of the fleet is 1,402 kg, which is “the heaviest observed in the last three years”; and, in 2012, “the majority of the car manufacturers respect[ed] their CO2 emission targets set for 2012.” The EEA also notes that nine of the larger manufacturers “were already compliant with 2015 targets in 2012.”

EEA Executive Director Hans Bruyninckx welcomed the efficiency improvements, and noted that the carmakers' rate of progress suggests that future objectives are attainable. The report notes that Regulation (EC) 443/2009 sets a CO2 “specific emission” target “of 130 g CO2/km by 2015, defined as the average value for each manufacturer's fleet of newly registered passenger cars in the EU in that year” and that the target is being phased in gradually. [EEA Press Release][Publication: CO2 Emissions Performance of Car Manufacturers in 2012] [Reducing CO2 Emissions From Passenger Cars - European Commission Webpage]