ECOWAS Commission President Reports on Food Crisis Impacts in West African Economies

Economic Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) 10 September 2008: Presenting his report on the status of

the Community Work Programme, Mohamed Ibn Chambas, President of the Economic

Community Of West African States (ECOWAS) Commission, highlighted the economic

impacts of the increase of food and commodity prices in West African States.


noted that the crisis had been caused by a number of external factors,

including adverse weather conditions, changing diets, urbanization, economic

growth and expanding populations as well as increased industrial demand,

especially for biofuel production.

Outlining the policy measures taken by

ECOWAS members to ameliorate the impacts of high food and oil prices, he said

total loss in revenues was about 0.3 percent of GDP, with current account

deficits widening to about 3.0 percent in some member states. He reported that

ECOWAS is collaborating with development partners to provide further

assistance, including efforts to enhance agricultural production and

productivity in the region. [ECOWAS

Press Release]