ECOSOC Concludes General Segment

Consensus Reached on 2007 Ministerial Declaration Resolution 24 July 2008: The Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) concluded the

work of its general segment, adopting 15 resolutions and 8 decisions, including

on strengthening the coordination of emergency humanitarian assistance.

The Council

also adopted a resolution on the UN's role in implementing the Council's 2007

Ministerial Declaration on “Strengthening the efforts to eradicate poverty and

hunger, including through the global partnership for development.” Recognizing

that the challenge of eradicating poverty and hunger requires a comprehensive

and multidimensional response by the entire United Nations system, the

resolution requests the world body's funds, programmes and agencies, acting

within their mandates, “to make further progress towards more comprehensive,

coherent and multidimensional approaches in the formulation of their policies,

programmes and operations supporting the eradication of poverty and hunger.”


Council also adopted a resolution reaffirming the need to continue to

strengthen its role as the central mechanism for system-wide coordination, and

recalling that it should increase its role in overseeing system-wide

coordination and the balanced integration of economic, social and environmental

aspects of UN policies and programmes aimed at promoting sustainable

development. In a resolution on strengthening the coordination of UN emergency

humanitarian assistance, the Council expresses grave concern about the increase

in the number of people affected by humanitarian emergencies. It also

expresses deep concern at the increasing challenges to member States and the UN's

humanitarian response capacity posed by the consequences of natural disasters,

including the impact of climate change and the humanitarian implications of the

current global food crisis. [UN Press