ECLAC Launches Book on Sugarcane-based Bioethanol and Sustainable Development

ECLAC Highlights Advantages of Sugarcane-based Bioethanol over other Biofuels 18 November 2008: Alicia Bárcena, Executive Secretary of the

Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC), launched the

book entitled “Sugarcane-based Bioethanol: Energy for Sustainable Development”

during a side event at an International Conference on Biofuels taking place in

São Paulo, Brazil.

The publication, which was commissioned by Brazilian

President Luis Inácio da Silva, gives an overview of the potential and

limitations of sugarcane ethanol production, and discusses the conditions for

sustainable ethanol production and use as well as the measures for creating a

competitive market for bioethanol while safeguarding food security. The book

launch was followed by a roundtable discussion during which Bárcena explained

that biofuel market development requires comprehensive policies in the energy,

environment, trade finance, agriculture, and industry sectors. She emphasized

that promoting research, development and innovation policies is key to advancing

towards an energy paradigm alternative to fossil fuels of low environmental

impact, and high energy and economic competitiveness.

The book is published

jointly by ECLAC, the Brazilian National Bank for Economic and Social

Development, the Center for Strategic Studies and Management of Brazil, and the

FAO Regional Office for Latin America and the Caribbean. It contains chapters

on: bioenergy and biofuels; ethanol as vehicle fuel; bioethanol production;

co-products of sugarcane bioethanol; advanced technologies in the sugarcane

agroindustry; sugarcane bioethanol in Brazil; sustainability of sugarcane

bioethanol: the Brazilian experience; perspectives for a global biofuels

market; and outlook for bioethanol fuel. [ECLAC

Press Release] [The