ECLAC Approves the Examination of Socio-Economic Implications of Climate Change as a Priority


13 June 2008: The Economic Commission for Latin America

and the Caribbean (ECLAC) held its thirty-second session from 9-13 June 2008,

in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Among the thirteen approved resolutions

were a number of elements related to climate change.

In the resolutions, delegates from 39 participating

countries decided to: schedule an international seminar on climate change and

follow-up in Latin America and the Caribbean, to be held in Santiago, Chile, on

a date to be determined in 2008 (ECLAC resolution 602(XXX); and adopt

priorities and a programme of work for ECLAC for the 2010-2011 biennium,

including among other priorities “[…] the refinement of sustainable development

policies and an examination of the socio-economic implications of climate

change, the strengthening of public management, and the improvement and

consolidation of institutions relating to the management of global issues at

the regional level…” (ECLAC Resolution 635(XXXII). [Meeting