EC Proposal on Investing in Climate-Related Technologies Unveiled

© EC7 October 2009: The European Commission has published a proposal on “Investing in the development of low-carbon energy technologies,” calling on public authorities, business and researchers to develop by 2020 the necessary technologies to address climate change, secure EU energy supply and ensure economic competitiveness.

According to the proposal, an additional investment of €50 billion in energy technology research will be needed over the next 10 years, with a view to implementing the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan – the technology pillar of the EU's energy and climate policy. Different sources of funding, from the public and private sector at national and EU levels, will be devoted in a coordinated way to six key areas of low-carbon technologies: wind, solar, electricity grids, bioenergy, carbon capture and storage, and sustainable nuclear fission. [EU press release] [European Commission's proposal]