EC Funds Transatlantic Dialogue on Climate Change and Security

February 2009: The European Commission (EC) is funding the Transatlantic Dialogue on Climate Change and Security, which will be launched on 25 February 2009, by the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) in Washington DC, US.

The Dialogue aims to provide a forum for policy makers, in particular those involved in defense, security and intelligence, to explore ways in which climate change will affect global and regional security. The dialogue will focus on: the effects of climate change on weak and distressed States; the shifting balance of power in the Arctic; the implications of food and water shortages; and the potential adaptations of global security organizations to best respond to these challenges. Two conferences will be held over the next year, in Washington DC, US, and London, UK, and the IISS will host a series of workshops and discussions to examine these issues. [Transatlantic Dialogue Website]