DSD/UNDESA and China to Co-Host Climate Change Technology Conference in Beijing

6 October 2008: The Division for Sustainable Development (DSD), UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA), and the

Government of China have announced the "Beijing High-Level Conference on Climate Change: Technology Development and Technology Transfer," which will take place on 7-8 November 2008. This invitation-only Conference will focus on four main areas: the current status and development potential of energy, and other climate-related technologies; the current status and trends in technology transfer; barriers to technology transfer; and policy options and possible new mechanisms to enhance international cooperation and technology transfer to developing countries under the UNFCCC.

Participants will, inter alia: explore the advantages of technology transfer for both developed and developing countries in combating climate change in the context of sustainable development; build on the work of the Expert Group on Technology Transfer and

that of the Subsidiary Bodies to the UNFCCC; contribute to the global debate on the key barriers and obstacles that currently exist for the development and transferring of these technologies, and on options for new mechanisms that would enhance technology transfer to developing countries; and contribute to strengthening international technology cooperation, including joint development

and technology transfer. The event aims to: serve as a platform for launching new partnerships, activities or projects, with active participation of both public and private enterprises; and provide a capacity-building opportunity for decision-makers engaged in day-to-day management of technology research and development and international cooperation. At the close of the meeting, a Co-Chair's summary of the main points raised in the course of the Conference will be forwarded as input to the December 2008 meeting of the 14th Conference of Parties of the UNFCCC in Poznan, Poland. [Conference website]