D8 Summit Agrees on Collaborative Efforts to Address Food and Energy Crises

D-8 Leaders Set on Tackling Food Shortage and Fuel Price Hike 12

July 2008: The Sixth Summit of the Group of Eight Developing Islamic Countries

(D8), (7-8 July 2008, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia) concluded

with the adoption of the “Kuala Lumpur Declaration on Meeting Global Challenges

through Innovative Cooperation,” which recognizes that the food and energy

crises pose a serious threat to socio-economic stability.


the need to address the global food crisis, delegates agreed to consider the

creation of a D8 Food Fund. A number of speakers called for concerted actions

among D8 countries to tackle the soaring food prices, with Malaysian Prime

Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi highlighting the promotion of joint ventures

among their companies to produce fertilizer, animal feed and create a seed bank

to ease supply constraints in agricultural output. On surging oil prices, the

declaration emphasizes the importance of collaborative efforts to enhance

capacity, transfer of technology, exploration of new sources of supply,

development of alternative fuels, including renewable sources, as well as

peaceful use of nuclear energy. [D8 press