Czech EU Presidency Outlines Actions for Climate Protection

Czech Presidency of the EU Council

6 January 2009: The Czech Republic, as is customary for the presiding country of the EU, has introduced the priorities and work programme for its six month Presidency, which will take place from January-June 2009.

Its Work Programme contains a section on environment, which  outlines the actions it will take in the field of climate protection, including: conducting preparatory negotiations in order to achieve a global agreement on setting targets for reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions after 2012, in particular, negotiations with the US and other major producers of GHG; representing the EU during the UNFCCC negotiations and prepare a joint EU position for negotiations in other international fora, in particular for the conference to be held in Copenhagen in December 2009; discussing at the Spring 2009 European Council the mechanisms of financing the fight against climate change; and initiating discussions on the communication on adaptation to climate change. The work programme also contains sections on sustainable consumption and production, and energy efficiency and low-carbon energy sources. [Czech Presidency's Priorities and Work Programme]