CPF Members Release Calendar of Year of Forests Events

International Year of Forests 2011June 2011: The members of the Collaborative Partnership on Forests (CPF), a consortium of 14 forest-related organizations and secretariats, have put together a joint calendar of thematic press releases to disseminate the activities taking place throughout the world to celebrate the International Year of Forests.

The calendar, titled "Forests 2011 Months," dedicates one or more themes to each month and indicates the CPF members responsible for coordinating promotional activities relating to them, with the lead organization. The themes are the following: forest financing and economic development; forests and wetlands; forests for people - community-based forest management; forests and women; forests and water; forests and health; forests and livelihoods; forests and sustainable development; forests and biodiversity; forests and environment, including green economy; forests and drylands; reforestation/forest landscape restoration; forests and environmental degradation, natural disaster prevention; managing risks of forests under climate change (fire, pests, abiotic factors); cultural and spiritual values of forests; forests and youth; forests and indigenous peoples; forests and poverty, Millennium Development Goals (MDGs); forests and tourism; urban forestry; forests and food security and agriculture; forests and bioenergy; forests, markets, trade and investment; forests and climate change; forests and mountains; forests and the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD, or Rio+20). [Forests 2011 Months]