CPA to examine Large and Small States’ Response to Climate Change

54th Commonwealth Parliamentary Association Conference Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Commonwealth Climate Change Action Plan 1 August 2008: The fifty-fourth Conference of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) and associated events is taking

place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from 1-10 August 2008. On 8 August, a workshop

on collaboration among Large and Small States through International

Organizations to Respond to Climate Change will be held to examine the

Commonwealth Climate Action Plan, which was adopted on 24 November 2007 in

Kampala, Uganda at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.


the Action Plan, the Heads of Government underscore the threat that climate

change represents to some Commonwealth countries, in particular small island

States, and how it can hinder efforts towards achieving the Millennium

Development Goals. They also recognize the cost of inaction and support the

work of the UNFCCC in reaching a collective and comprehensive agreement. The

Heads of Government call for: increased financing for adaptation; additional

incentives for developing countries; facilitated development, diffusion and

deployment of affordable environmentally-friendly technologies; and energy

efficiency and conservation. They also stress the importance for measures that

tackle climate change to support the positive economic and social

transformation of developing countries and commit to actively participate,

through the UNFCCC, to negotiations to agree on a comprehensive post-2012

global agreement. [Conference website] [Commonwealth

Climate Action Plan]