COP 15 Chair Briefs the Press on Prospects for Reaching a Global Agreement

6 May 2009: In a press conference held at UN Headquarters in New York, US, on prospects for reaching a new global climate change agreement, Connie Hedegaard, Minister for Climate and Energy of Denmark, explained that she aimed to engage in dialogue with Heads of mission at the UN and with the UN Secretary-General on the importance of tackling the “crunch issues” of climate change, namely financing for adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Hedegaard, who will chair the 15th session of the Conference of Parties (COP 15) to the UNFCCC, scheduled to take place from 7-18 December 2009, in Copenhagen, Denmark, stated that only if developing countries “deliver truly additional financing” will developing countries engage further in the process. She indicated that she had advised the Secretary-General to ensure that political leaders attending the high-level climate change summit of 22 September 2009 develop a “very clear and strong signal to the negotiators prior to Copenhagen.” She said the Government of Denmark is organizing a meeting in Greenland between the end of June and early July for ministers from “crucial” countries to work through politically difficult issues. Hedegaard also addressed: various countries' positions on climate change-related issues; the “cap-and-trade” emissions trading system; a global price for carbon; financial assistance to poorer nations; and the role of the developing world in dealing with climate change. [UN press release]