Consultation Discusses Climate Change Strategies for the African Development Bank and World Bank

4 June 2008: The African Development Bank (AfDB) and the World

Bank jointly organized a fourth regional consultation to discuss their

respective strategies on climate change. The 4 June 2008 consultation in Dakar,

Senegal, was the last in a series aimed at brainstorming and seeking ways to

strengthen collaboration with African institutions and development partners in

order to efficiently implement the strategies. Participants identified three

main challenges – energy security and access, cushioning the adverse effects of

climate change, and climate change risk management and adaptation.

They also indicated that reducing greenhouse gas emissions is

not a priority, given that relative to other regions of the world, Africa has a

low rate of greenhouse gas emissions. They agreed that energy security and long

term climate risk management and adaptation constitute strategic priorities

that need to be implemented in their respective countries. Participants called

on both institutions to: harmonize their strategies in order to make them

complementary; reflect national and sub-regional strategies in their climate

change strategies; actively promote the “Knowledge Bank” aspect; develop

and consider local knowledge; establish an early alert as well as a rain and

climate information system as provided for in the ClimDevAfrica programme,

jointly undertaken by the African Union, the Economic Commission for Africa and

the African Development Bank Group; and set up an innovative financial

mechanism for African countries. [AfDB

press release]