Conservation and Use of Plant Genetic Resources Advances in Mesoamerica

ITPGR6 May 2013: As part of the 58th annual meeting of the Central American Cooperative Programme for the Improvement of Crops and Animals (Programa Cooperativo Centroamericano para el Mejoramiento de Cultivos y Animales (PCCMCA), held from 22-26 April 2013, working groups were established to address priorities and challenges in adapting to climate change in the region.

These activities will build on the Strategic Action Plan for the Conservation and Use of Plant Genetic Resources in Mesoamerica (SAPM). The SAPM process includes a scientific agenda that will be further discussed over the coming year. The Mesoamerican Network on Plant Genetic Resources will act as the secretariat in implementing SAPM and will coordinate efforts to bring together diverse stakeholders.

The work is funded by the Benefit Sharing Fund of the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture. [Bioversity International Press Release] [Central American Cooperative Programme for Improvement of Crops and Animals (PCCMCA) Website]