Commission Proposes Environment and Climate Funding for 2014-2020

12 December 2011: The European Commission has proposed to allocate €3.2 billion over 2014-2020 to a new programme for the environment and climate action-LIFE, with simpler and more flexible procedures and a significant budget.

The proposed future LIFE Programme would include the creation of a new sub-programme for climate action, and new possibilities to implement programmes on a larger scale through "integrated projects" to help mobilize other EU, national and private funds for environmental or climate objectives. The sub-programme for environment is proposed to support efforts in: "environment and resource efficiency" focusing on more innovative solutions for better implementation of environment policy and integrating environmental objectives in other sectors; "biodiversity" to develop best practices to halt biodiversity loss and restore ecosystem services; "environmental governance and information" to promote knowledge sharing, dissemination of best practices, and better compliance, in addition to awareness raising campaigns. The sub-programme for climate action is expected to cover mitigation, adaptation, and climate governance and information. The Commission proposals will be considered by the European Parliament and the Council with a view to adoption for the next programming period (2014-2020). [EU Press Release][Commission's Proposal]