COFO Addresses Impacts of Climate Change on Forests

5 October 2010: Delegates to the 20th session of the Committee on Forestry (COFO 2010) of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), taking place from 4-8 October 2010, in Rome, Italy, discussed agenda items on forest biodiversity, forest fire and health and forests and water, all in the context of climate change.

On forest biodiversity, a panel discussion was held on: the importance of forest biodiversity to the functioning of forests and their ability to adapt to climate change; impacts of deforestation and forest degradation on forest biodiversity; and national experiences and efforts in monitoring biodiversity and encouraging its conservation and sustainable use.

On forest health and fire, panelists presented  guidelines for pest and fire management, an approach to addressing mega-fires, and fire management strategies in various countries.

On forests and water, delegates heard presentations on payments for ecosystem services in different countries and  threats to water catchment areas. Delegates discussed, inter alia, integrated water management, transboundary and social and economic dimensions, and training programmes for water and forest organizations to identify common ground. [IISD RS Coverage of COFO 2010] [COFO 2010 Website]