CMS Secretariat Highlights Threats Posed by Energy Demand to Gorilla Conservation

© CMS22 May 2009: On the occasion of the International Biodiversity Day, the Secretariat of the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) stressed that the ever-growing human demand for energy and its consequences represent an omnipresent yet invisible threat to gorillas and their habitats.

The CMS Secretariat drew attention to the threats that charcoal production and fossil fuel extraction present to gorilla forests in many areas, and the fact that many gorilla range States are signing land deals with foreign companies for agriculture, including biofuels.

CMS Executive Secretary Robert Hepworth underlined the importance of putting a halt to the current overexploitation of natural resources and stressed the role that forests and woodlands of Africa must play in efforts to tackle climate change. He added that carbon finance can make significant contributions to gorilla conservation, highlighting that “gorilla range States would benefit financially from protecting their forests.” [CMS Press Release]