Climate Change will Aggravate Africa’s Food Insecurity and Poverty

Josue_dioneCalling for a new business approach to African agriculture, the UN Economic Commission for Africa's (UNECA) Director of Food Security and Sustainable Development, Josue Dione, said in Addis Ababa that climate change would aggravate the continent's food insecurity and poverty. In a paper presented at the international conference on “Science with Africa,” Dione said Africa would experience a 10 percent decrease in rainfall in Southern Africa and the Horn of Africa by 2050.



challenge, Dione said, is to build the NEPAD agricultural pillars

around such strategic commodities in creating “Regional Strategic

Commodity Belts” and for further research into the implications of

climate change on crop, animal breeding, health, water resources

management, soil fertility management and food crisis prevention



ECA Press Release, 5 March 2008