Climate Change at the Centre of UN General Assembly’s Second Committee General Debate

© UN7 October 2009: During the final stages of the general debate of the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) of the UN General Assembly, several countries underscored the links between climate change, poverty reduction and food security.

Guyana supported funds and market-based incentives to avoid deforestation, as long as these would not restrict the “legitimate development aspirations of its people.” Comoros argued that mitigation was needed to prevent major decreases in agricultural production and to significantly diminish the risk of hunger and malnutrition. Pacific island developing States recommended that the agreement in Copenhagen should protect the most vulnerable countries and suggested developing a “Pacific template” – a set of project-financing guidelines to streamline adaptation and mitigation funding for Pacific island communities. Uzbekistan urged the international community to make better use of existing data on the current state of the world's climate. Colombia recommended prioritizing adaptation. [UNGA Press Release, 7 October 2009][UNGA Press Release, 6 October 2009]