CIF Supports Meteorological Services to Increase Mozambique’s Climate Resilience

world-bank_cif25 April 2013: The World Bank, through the Climate Investment Funds (CIF), has approved a US$15 million grant to help Mozambique strengthen its hydrological and meteorological information services across national, provincial and local communities, with the aim of building a climate-resilient society.

According to the World Bank, Mozambique is "a natural gateway to global markets for neighboring land-locked countries." However, it is also the third African country the most vulnerable to extreme water and weather disasters, such as floods, droughts, storms and cyclones. The project aims to decrease climate vulnerability with a focus on the agriculture, fisheries, hydropower, transportation, infrastructure and health sectors.

The grant will support the 'Climate Resilience: Transforming Hydrological and Meteorological Services' project, which will channel investments towards capacity-building programmes and institutional strengthening at all levels. [World Bank Press Release] [Country Overview]