CGIAR Approves Climate Change Challenge Programme, Seeks Host Institution


2008: The Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) is

looking for an institution to host the secretariat of its recently approved

Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security Challenge Programme (CCCP). The

CCCP is a collaborative endeavor between CGIAR and partners, and the Earth

System Science Partnership (ESSP). It is aimed at overcoming the additional

threats posed by a changing climate to achieving food security, enhancing

livelihoods and improving environmental management in the developing world.


Programme was approved by CGIAR in October 2008, and it will be officially

launched in 2010. It has a ten-year timeline with anticipated funding amounting

to US$12 million for the first year, US$25 million for every year up to year

five, and subsequent funding levels to be determined in a mid-term review.

Thomas Roswell, Director of the International Council for Science, has been

appointed as CCCP Chair. Subsequent steps include the establishment of a

steering committee, the selection of theme leaders, and the establishment of a

secretariat to be hosted by an ESSP or CGIAR member institution.


CCCP's objectives are: closing knowledge gaps regarding tradeoffs between food

security, livelihood and environmental goals under climate change conditions;

developing adaptation options to inform agriculture and development policies

and donor strategies; and developing monitoring tools to assess and adjust

responses to climate change. CGIAR and ESSP and their partners, together with

other research institutes and regional and national institutions, will

implement joint research projects under six themes: diagnosing vulnerability

and analyzing opportunities; unlocking the potential of macro-level policies;

enhancing engagement and communication for decision-making; adaptation pathways

based on managing current climate risk; adaptation pathways under progressive

climate change; and poverty alleviation through climate change mitigation. [CCCP Website] [CCCP Description] [Call for

expressions of interest for hosting the CCCP secretariat]