CEM Workshop Focuses on Energy Efficiency, Demand Response in India

6 August 2014: A workshop held under the auspices of the Clean Energy MinisterialClean Energy Ministerial (CEM) brought together air conditioning (AC) manufacturers, providers of demand response technologies, and regulatory experts, to consider how India can best employ energy efficiency and demand response to meet the challenges of rising electricity demand, especially as AC unit sales and usage skyrocket in the country.

CEM's Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) and 21st Century Power Partnership initiatives hosted the workshop on 25-26 June 2014, in New Delhi, India. Participants engaged in discussions and heard international and Indian perspectives on how energy efficiency and demand response can manage peak load on the electrical grid. Presentations considered the technology, market, regulatory, and policy aspects of adopting efficient and demand response-ready space cooling.

The Bureau of Energy Efficiency at the Indian Ministry of Power and the US Department of Energy co-organized the workshop as part of the US-India Collaboration on Smart and Efficient Air Conditioning and Space Cooling. [CEM Press Release] [Space Cooling Efficiency Enhancement and Demand Response Workshop Brief]