CEM Spring Newsletter Highlights Upcoming CEM4

12 March 2013: The Spring 2013 newsletter of the Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) highlights the upcoming fourth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM4) as well as recent CEM-related events and efforts in the areas of solar electric and wind energy technologies, clean energy progress in emerging economies, and urban sustainability technologies.

The newsletter highlights that at CEM4, which will be held on 17-18 April 2013 in New Delhi, India, ministers from participating countries will discuss the progress of CEM's 13 Clean Energy Initiatives and public-private partnerships for clean energy deployment. The newsletter also notes that the government of India will host an "Innovation Showcase Pavilion," which will display examples of globally deployable clean products and services, including in: solar energy; wind energy; bioenergy; lighting and appliances; energy storage; smart grids; electric vehicles; financing for clean energy; and combined heat and power. A Clean Energy Education and Empowerment initiative panel discussion on women and clean energy innovation will also be organized at the Pavilion.

The newsletter further discusses: The Clean Energy Solutions Center's beta version of the Global Renewable Energy Opportunity Tool, which facilitates analysis of technical and economic potential for solar electric technologies, and for which the Center is seeking feedback for its further improvement; the December 2012 Delhi Clean Energy Conference, which showcased clean energy progress in Brazil, South Africa, India, China, Mexico, Indonesia, and South Korea, and initiated the development of a South-South-North Knowledge and Collaboration Partnership in Clean Energy; the online availability of the Global Atlas for Solar and Wind, which provides data to facilitate the evaluation of renewable energy potentials; the Super-efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) Initiative's second round of the Global Efficiency Medal competition, which will focus on energy-efficient computer monitors; and the Global Sustainable Cities Network's (GSCN) high-level panel discussion on emerging urban sustainability technologies in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) during the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week in January. [Publication: CEM Spring 2013 Newsletter] [IISD RS Summary of the CEM4 Preparatory Meeting in the Republic of Korea] [IISD RS Reporting on the Global Renewable Energy Opportunity Tool] [IISD RS Summary of the Delhi Clean Energy Conference] [IISD RS Reporting on the Global Atlas for Solar and Wind]