CEM Reports Highlight Evaluation Methods for Green Public Procurement and Commercial Refrigeration

Clean Energy Ministerial23 August 2013: The Clean Energy Ministerial's (CEM) Super-Efficient Equipment and Appliance Deployment (SEAD) initiative has published two reports making recommendations on evaluating green public procurement programmes and methods for testing efficiency of commercial refrigeration products.

The report 'Technical Evaluation of National and Regional Test Methods for Commercial Refrigeration Products' explores differences between test methodologies for measuring energy performance of four types of commercial refrigeration products, and finding significant variety and inadequacies among them. The report makes a number of recommendations, including that: SEAD work further to generate discussion on these findings; SEAD consider options for establishing a mechanism enabling ongoing cooperation between national and regional policy makers and technical staff on this issue; and that steps outlined in the report should be taken in the short, medium and long term to align methodologies analyzed.

The report 'SEAD Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating Green Public Procurement Programs' evaluates approaches to monitoring Green Public Procurement (GPP) programs, identifies best practices, and makes recommendations to policy makers and practitioners on defining and/or improving monitoring and evaluation systems for GPP. In particular it evaluates policies aimed at improving resource-use efficiency, reducing the effects of climate change, and other green goals. Such policies fall into the broad categories of economic tools, regulatory or communication instruments, and voluntary agreements. Recommendations on monitoring and evaluation include: determining performance levels to communicate results and progress; ensuring user-friendliness of requirements; integrating monitoring into financial accounting and procurement; focusing on procurement of priority product categories; and clearly defining 'green.'

SEAD is a voluntary CEM intergovernmental collaboration whose primary objective is to advance global market transformation for energy efficient products. SEAD participating governments work together to develop common technical foundations to enable faster and easier adoption of cost effective product efficiency policies. [Publication: Technical Evaluation of National and Regional Test Methods for Commercial Refrigeration Products] [Publication: SEAD Guide for Monitoring and Evaluating Green Public Procurement Programs]