CDM Small-Scale Working Group Recommends Revised Guidelines to Small-Scale Methodologies

23 August 2012: The report of the 38th meeting of the Small-Scale (SSC) Working Group of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) is now available. At the meeting, the Working Group considered issues relating to small-scale CDM project activities and formulated recommendations to the CDM Executive Board.

During the meeting, which was held from 20-23 August 2012, in Bonn, Germany, the Working Group considered: proposed new small-scale methodologies; revisions to approved methodologies and tools; clarifications of approved methodologies and tools; micro-scale and small-scale additionality; and various other issues related to small-scale methodologies.

On standardized baselines, the Group explored the possibility of developing standardized baselines in the transport sector. However, it agreed not to continue this work, but focus instead on improving and simplifying existing transportation methodologies. Regarding general guidelines for small-scale methodologies, the Working Group agreed to recommend a revision of the “General guidelines to SSC CDM methodologies,” to include the Board's clarifications on issues such as the combination of methodologies eligible for a Programme of Activity, leakage due to transfer of equipment, and requirements of biogas projects. [Publication: Report of 38th Meeting of the CDM Small-Scale Working Group]