CDM Small-Scale Working Group Publishes Report of 23rd Meeting

UNFCCC5 November 2009: The report and annexes of the 23rd meeting of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Small Scale Working Group (SSC WG) have been released. The meeting took place from 27-30 October 2009, in Bonn, Germany, and considered issues relating to baseline and monitoring methodologies for small-scale CDM project activities.

At the meeting, the SSC WG considered three requests for the creation of new SSC methodologies, four requests for revisions to approved methodologies, and six requests for clarifications of approved methodologies. Regarding the requests to create new methodologies, the Working Group agreed not to recommend two of the methodologies, and to seek guidance from the CDM Executive Board before further analysis and recommendation for the third request. The Working Group also responded to the requests for revisions to, and clarifications of, approved methodologies. The detailed responses provided by the SSC WG are available on the CDM website.

The SSC WG also agreed to hold its 24th meeting from 16-19 February 2010. The deadline for new methodology submissions to this meeting is 22 December 2009 and the deadline for submitting requests for clarifications or revisions is 19 January 2010. [Meeting Report]