CDM Seeks Public Input on Methane Emissions Tool and Transit Methodology

UNFCCC29 August 2011: The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has launched a call for public input on a draft revised baseline and monitoring methodology for mass rapid transit projects (ACM0016) and a draft revised tool for emissions from solid waste disposal sites.

Comments are due by 8 September 2011 for each of these input processes. Inputs for the "Tool to determine methane emissions avoided from disposal of waste at a solid waste disposal site" will be considered at the 52nd meeting of the Methodologies Panel to be held from 3-7 October 2011. The draft revised methodology for "Baseline Methodology for Mass Rapid Transit Projects" includes a new approach for additionality demonstration and reduces monitoring requirements. Its inputs will also be considered at the 52nd Meeting of the Methodologies Panel. [Input for Baseline Methodology for Mass Rapid Transit Projects] [Input for Tool to Determine Methane Emissions Avoided from Disposal of Waste at Solid Waste Disposal Sites]