CDM Releases Reports from Recent Meetings

17 November 2008: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has

released the reports from recent meetings of its Methodology Panel,

Afforestation and Reforestation (A/R) Working Group, and Small Scale Working

Group (SSC WG).

The 35th meeting of the CDM Methodologies Panel was held from

3-7 November 2008, at the UNFCCC headquarters in Bonn, Germany. The report from

the meeting and its annexes outline the considerations of the Panel on proposed

new methodologies, as well as desk reviews and public inputs received, where

applicable. The Panel made recommendations to the CDM Executive Board on

proposed methodologies for approval, which are available on the CDM website.

The Panel was also unable to discuss or conclude consideration of some cases

because of outstanding issues relating to specific cases. The CDM Afforestation

and Reforestation Working Group's 22nd meeting was held from 10-12 November

2008, at the same venue.

The report of that meeting addresses the consideration

of, inter alia: proposed new A/R methodologies; requests for clarification of

the application of approved baseline and monitoring methodologies; new draft small-scale

methodologies for A/R CDM project activities; the significance of greenhouse

gas emissions from selected sources related to A/R CDM project activities; and

the application of the definition of the project boundary in A/R CDM project

activities. The final recommendations proposed by the Working Group for

consideration by the CDM Executive Board are also available on the CDM website.

The 18th meeting of the SSC WG convened from 10-12 November 2008, at the same


The report of the meeting outlines the SSC WG's consideration of the

requests received, including five requests to create new small-scale

methodologies, eight requests for revisions to approved small-scale

methodologies and 16 requests for clarification of approved small-scale

methodologies. [CDM

Methodologies Panel Website] [Methodology Panel

Meeting Report] [CDM

A/R WG Website] [A/R WG Meeting Report]

[CDM Small-Scale WG

Website] [Small-Scale

WG Report]