CDM Methodologies Panel Releases Report of 41st Meeting

UNFCCC29 October 2009: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Methodologies Panel (Meth Panel) has published the report of its 41st meeting, which convened from 19-23 October 2009, in Bonn, Germany.

The Meth Panel considers issues relating to baseline and monitoring methodologies, and is charged, inter alia, with developing recommendations to the CDM Executive Board on guidelines for baseline and monitoring methodologies and preparing recommendations on submitted proposals for new methodologies. At its 41st meeting, the Panel considered 16 proposed new methodologies and agreed to recommend two for approval and four for non-approval. It was unable to conclude consideration of the other cases and requested technical clarifications about some of them from project participants. The Meth Panel also considered requests for clarification on, and revision to, approved methodologies, as well as issues of general guidance and tools. [Meth Panel Report]