CDM Executive Board Releases Report of 49th Meeting

© UNFCCC11 September 2009: The report of the 49th meeting of the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has been published on the CDM website. The meeting took place from 8-11 September 2009, in Bonn, Germany.

During the meeting, the Board considered issues relating to CDM afforestation and reforestation projects, small-scale CDM projects and the registration of CDM projects. The Board also considered: accreditation of operational entities; methodologies for baselines and monitoring plans; the CDM management plan and resources for work on the CDM; and matters relating to the issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs) and the CDM registry. On the issuance of CERs, the Board agreed to instruct the CDM registry administrator to issue 21,253 CERs for the CDM project “6 MW Rice Husk based cogeneration plant at Bhageshwari Papers Private Limited.” In addition, the Board agreed, subject to a check by the UNFCCC Secretariat of the revised documentation, to instruct the CDM registry administrator to issue CERs for 8 projects. The Board also agreed to undertake a review of the request for issuance of CERs for 3 projects. Regarding programmes of activities, the Board noted that one CDM programme of activities had been registered.

Other actions taken by the Board include: agreement on the provisional agenda for EB 50, to take place from 13-16 October 2009, with an open session on 14-16 October 2009; a decision to launch a call for experts, from 14 September-13 October 2009, in order to replace one outgoing member of the CDM Accreditation Panel with methodological expertise; and a request to the UNFCCC Secretariat to prepare a proposal for establishing an appeal process against Designated Operational Entities (DOEs) by the CDM project participants, for consideration by the Board at its 51st meeting.

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