CDM Executive Board Releases Proposed Agenda and Annotations for 48th Meeting

30 June 2009: The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has published the proposed agenda and annotations, as well as the draft work programme, for its 48th meeting, which is to be held in St. Georges, Grenada, from 14-17 July 2009.

At the meeting, the Board will discuss matters relating to: the CDM programme of activities; the registration of CDM projects; the issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs) and the CDM registry; the accreditation of designated operational entities (DOEs); the CDM management plan; and resources for work on the CDM. The Board will also review 55 project registration requests, and for each case, decide whether to register the project activity as requested, request changes to be made in the project documentation prior to registration, or undertake a review of the request.

With regard to the issuance of CERs, the Board will review seven requests for CER issuance and for each request decide to: instruct the CDM registry administrator to issue the requested CERs; issue CERs following corrections; or undertake a review of the request. In addition, the Board will consider the regional distribution of CDM projects, as well as relations with Designated National Authorities (DNAs), DOEs, Applicant Entities and other stakeholders. Proceedings of the meeting will be webcast on the CDM website. [Proposed Agenda][Annotated Agenda][Draft Work Programme]