CDM Executive Board Publishes Report and Annexes of its 46th Meeting

UN Campus

25 March 2009: The Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) Executive Board has published the report of its 46th meeting, which convened from 23-25 March 2009, at the UN Campus in Bonn, Germany. The document sets out the details of matters discussed during the meeting, including issues related to: small-scale CDM projects; programmes of activities under the CDM; and issuance of credits and the CDM registry.

The Board also considered the accreditation of operation entities and agreed to accredit and provisionally designate one entity for the validation functions in sectoral scope 13 (waste handling and disposal). The Board decided to accredit 16 entities, for three years, for validation and verification/certification functions in specified sectoral scopes. The Board also adopted the “CDM accreditation standard for operational entities,” contained in annex 2 to the report, and requested the CDM Accreditation Panel and the UNFCCC Secretariat to start applying the requirements of the document in the assessment work of operational entities.

On methodologies for baselines, the Board agreed to approve one new methodology and not to approve four others. Five approved methodologies were also revised. On issues relating to CDM afforestation and reforestation activities, the Board agreed to approve one consolidated afforestation/reforestation methodology and revised two approved ones. Other issues considered include: the CDM management plan and resources for the work on the CDM; registration of projects; transparency matters; regional distribution; and relations with Designated National Authorities, Designated Operational and Applicant Entities, and registered accredited observers. [Meeting Report] [List of Report and Annexes]