CDM Executive Board Launches Calls for Public Inputs

26 March 2010: Four calls for public inputs have been launched by the Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), as agreed at its 53rd meeting.

The first call is for public inputs on specific aspects of approved CDM small scale methodologies for energy efficient residential lighting and the draft methodologies for energy efficient exterior lighting and domestic solar water heating system. The second call is for suggestions for establishment of simplified modalities to demonstrate additionality for project activities up to five megawatts that employ renewable energy as their primary technology and for energy efficiency project activities that aim to achieve energy savings of no more than 20 gigawatt hours per year. These two calls are open until 12 April 2010.

The third call for inputs is for views on appeal procedures relating to situations where a designated operational entity may not have performed its duties in accordance with the rules or requirements of the COP/MOP and/or the Executive Board, and also relating to rulings taken by or under the authority of the Executive Board regarding the rejection or alteration of requests for registration of projects or issuance of certified emission reductions (CERs). The fourth call is a request for inputs from stakeholders on the draft “Tool to calculate the weighted average cost of capital.” These two calls for inputs are open until 26 April 2010. [Call 1] [Call 2] [Call 3] [Call 4]