CDM Executive Board Launches Calls for Experts

Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) 17 December 2008: The Executive Board of the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) has announced four calls for experts, as agreed by the Board at its 44th meeting. The calls are for experts to replace the outgoing members of the CDM Methodologies Panel (Meth Panel), the CDM Afforestation/Reforestation Working Group (A/R WG), and the CDM Small-Scale Working Group (SSC WG), as well as for experts on: coal mine fires; iron and steel industries; adipic acid; production; transport; SF6; uncertainty; and landfill aeration.

The Meth Panel is, inter alia, responsible for making

recommendations on proposals submitted for new baseline and monitoring

methodologies. The work of the A/R WG includes preparing

recommendations on submitted proposals for new baseline and monitoring

methodologies for CDM A/R project activities. The areas of work of the

SS WG include preparing recommendations for consideration and adoption

by the Executive Board, on submitted proposals for new small-scale

project categories and new simplified baseline and monitoring plans.

Three of the calls are for experts to replace the outgoing members of

these bodies, with a view to preparing a shortlist of experts for

consideration by the Board at its 46th meeting. Current members of the

bodies are also encouraged to submit their application, for automatic

inclusion in the short list, should they wish to continue serving on

the bodies. The fourth call is for specialized experts on the technical

areas identified above, required for the consideration of proposed new


The calls for experts are open from the 17 December

2008 - 22 February 2009. Experts wishing to apply can apply online via

the links provided on the announcement webpages. [Call for Meth Panel Members] [Call for A/R WG Members] [Call for SSC WG Members] [Call for Specialized Experts]